1. Domesticated Animal Citizenship

Domesticated Animal Citizenship means that domesticated animals (dogs, cats, cows, pigs, etc.) should be seen as full members of human-animal mixed communities, participating in the cooperative project of shared citizenship.

We submissions for proposals/projects that shows ways on how to achieve citizenship for domesticated animals.

Citizenship for domesticated animals will have various impacts, for instance regarding the following subject matters:

Urban Planning

  • How will cities and buildings have to be designed to become animal friendly for both domestic as well as liminal animals?
  • What will be the benefits for humans?
  • What will be potential costs?

Legal Issues:

  • How can the legal status of domesticated animals be ensured?
  • Which legal duties arise for humans who have animals?


  • How can the agricultural sector change without exploiting animals?
  • How can the effects on business be smoothed that currently exploit animals?
  • What are potential scenarios going forward?

Comments welcome

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